Tree Trimming

For all your tree trimming needs, you can count on Steve’s Lawn Care & Tree Service! We are committed to improving the look and safety of your home or business by trimming low, overhanging, or unsightly branches, big or small. As many homeowners have discovered, a limb hanging over their house or fence can cause thousands of dollars in damage and is simply a disaster waiting to happen. At Steve’s Lawn Care we are committed to preventing these disasters before they happen.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is our specialty. Sometimes a tree can die, which may cause the dead branches to fall, and create a dangerous situation. Or maybe a tree is growing too close to your home, and with high winds from a storm, the tree could end up damaging your roof. You might have a tree that is dying that needs to be removed to prevent the unsightly look of the tree. Whatever your reason may be, here at Steve’s Lawn Care and Tree Service, we are committed to excellence and promise to safely remove any tree you want removed.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is a specialty service we provide for the customer that does not want the stump to be seen. As you can see in the picture, we clear out dirt around the stump and use a chainsaw to cut below the ground. When its all cut below the surface, we fill the dirt back in so you can’t tell the stump was there. Our customers are always very happy to see the stump gone. When the grass grows back, you will never know that there was ever a tree even there. We also provide Stump grinding as well for the trees that have to many roots at the base of the tree.